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Car Park Marking

With the help of our adroit team of experts, we are engaged in delivering the most preferred of Car Parking Markers.



  • Color: Yellow, Black, Red
  • Form of Paint: Liquid
  • Packaging Size: 12 L

Thermoplast Road Marking Chemical

Product Details:
  • Packaging Size: 25 Kg
  • Flow Resistance: Not more than 25%
  • Drying: Not more than 15 mins
  • Binder: Min 18 %
  • Coat Thickness: Min 2.5 mm
  • Fillers (For White): Max. 42%
  • Color: Yellow, White, Black, Red
  • Application Method: Brush, Roller, Electrophoresis
  • Form of Paint: Liquid, Powder
  • Packaging Type: Bag

  • Adhesivity: Unique formulation ensures good adhesion with the road surface. Before the construction, apply some special primer produced by our company on the road (especially on the cement roadbed) which will make the painting adhesive with the road strongly.
  • Skid resistance: Anti-skid additive is contained which ensures the excellent leveling and skid resistance of the paint and maximally ensures the driving security.
  • Reflective ability: Sufficient volume of high-quality coating-type glass beads with stable refractive index are contained in the paint. Scientifically choose mixed glass beads with different particles according to the glass beads' sedimentation rate in the paint to ensure the good reflective effect no matter the marking is new or old.
  • Fast drying: paints with different formulations are provided according to the temperature, humidity and road conditions in construction, which ensures the paint with excellent drying speed and good antifouling.
  • Stability: mixed with raw materials of excellent light and thermal stability. Anti-ultraviolet additive is added in the paint which is used in the strong sunlight areas to ensure the marking's original color and luster for a long time.
  • Anti-microcrack: road marking's microcrack is a big technical problem in the international road marking industry. After our long-term research, this problem has been solved completely by adding high-temperature resistance lipid materials and functional structural materials.

Thermoplastic Road Markers

Product Details:
  • Color: Yellow, White, Black, Blue, Red
  • Form of Paint: Powder, Solvent
  • Application Method: Roller
  • Packaging Type: Bag, Bucket, Pouch, Bottle
  • Packaging Size: 10liter

We are engaged in offering the most preferred Thermoplastic Road Markers.


  • Color: Yellow, Black, Red, White, Blue
  • Form of Paint: Liquid
  • Packaging Size: 10 L
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